In today’s information age, information is at a premium. It is the most valuable resource that we have which means that every company is trying to get the information out there that will help them the most. As experienced product review writers, we have witnessed this first hand and all have worked for companies with interesting views on how product reviews should work.

Some of us have worked for small publications that are told to review products certain ways because we need the ad revenue to keep afloat, while others have worked for large publications that are funded by some of the companies making the products that we are reviewing. This all leads to bad information for readers, and not news that they can use.

News you can use

We pride ourselves on being different from the companies that we came from in that we are able to create product reviews that are more informative than the other people out there. Nobody pays us for our opinion, which means that we are able to produce products that we can actually inform readers with. We can tell you what to buy and where to buy it, not because we have stake in it, but because these are good products.